The Cost of Dying: Can You Afford to Die?

May 2,2019 10:14 AM

The topic of planning for the cost of dying feels like a taboo at times. People tend to veer away from the topic of the inevitable such as death. The reality is it can never be avoided. When the time comes when you have to deal the pain of losing a loved one, is your family financially prepared to handle the funeral costs?

10 things you have to get ready during the funeral service:

1. Funeral service. The family decides where to hold the wake or viewing for the family and friends to say their farewell to the deceased. The minimum cost is Php 15,000 for a simple setup. The price will depend on the days of viewing and the arrangement.

2. Burial service. This will depend on what company you choose for this service. The average price range is from Php18,000 – Php150000.

3. Caskets. A simple wooden casket can cost around Php 8,000 from a small funeral parlor. If you can afford to have an elaborate casket that is made from bronze or gold-decorated casket, it can cost at least a million peso. Nowadays you can opt to rent the casket, saves money and more practical.

4. Cremation. The cost of cremation is about one-third of traditional funeral.

5. Urn. A wooden urn usually comes with the cremation package. You may opt to upgrade to more elegant urn like porcelain that goes up to Php 50,000.

6. Memorial lot. It will depend on your location and how big you want o buy. There are double internment lot, 8, 16 and mausoleum that can cost at leat a million. There are apartment rentals per year about Php 300 to Php 1,000.

7. Crypts. Expect to pay up to Php 25,000 depending on the design, size and the materials used.

8. Flowers. You can always buy from Dangwa or a nearby market for cheaper flower arrangement. If you have money to spare, you can always go to flower shops.

9. Food and beverages. The funeral is like unintended reunion. Food and beverages are expected to be served. Many of the visitors may bring food and drinks you still need to cash out at least Php 10,000 to Php 20,000.

10. Documents. Depending on the funeral package you will avail, the processing of death certificate are included in their package. You don’t have to worry about securing all the documents. You will have more time to focus on what matters the most – grieving and be with your family at this lowest time.