Be an Advocate

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Small steps can inspire a lifetime of improvement. YOU can make a difference in people’s lives. Be an activist for change in your school, organization, workplace and/or community by educating people on how to handle money. Let the team behind Financial Plan help you. Help us bring financial literacy to more Filipinos by becoming an Advocate.


How to be an Advocate of Financial Plan

  1. Be active in the propagation of the Financial Plan activities through online and offline activities.
  2. Refer potential leaders in different areas who can develop individuals to become professional financial advisors.
  3. Include the Financial Wellness program by in your organization's programs.
  4. Host financial literacy programs in collaboration with the Financial Plan group. 

Let our team help you with the Financial Planning services, program set-up and maintenance, financial literacy campaigns in your communities. 

Drop us a message in the Query section and be an Advocate of changing lives through personal finance.

Be an Advocate

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