Planning for the Wedding of your Dreams

May 2,2019 09:38 AM

Getting married is one of most important occasion in one’s life. A careful planning is needed and many details to consider. How can you make your dream wedding happen without breaking the bank?

Knowing each wedding category costs—from the usual wedding venues in the Philippines to popular wedding giveaways is vital in planning for your perfect wedding. This will help you plot techniques on how you can save without compromising the quality of the occasion.

Legal Marriage Documents

Whether it is a civil or church wedding, there has to be a marriage license. The requirements are as follows:
• Certified True Copy of NSO Birth Certificate
• Affidavit of Parental Consent or Advice (for couples under the age of 25)
• Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR)
• Certificate of Attendance in Pre-Marriage Seminar
• Community Tax Certificate or Cedula

Be ready to spend PHP3,000 to PHP6,000, and it may depend on the location (and local government policies) of the church where you are getting married.

Ceremony Venue

Packages for a wedding ceremony can range from PHP7,000 to PHP25,000. Cathedrals in more central or in-demand locations and those with air conditioning can have more expensive fees.

Reception and Catering

Reception venue rental and decorations can cost from PHP35,000 to PHP150,000. The area and capacity of the venue would determine the cost. Catering cost can sum up from PHP50,000 to PHP185,000. It will depend on the headcount and the number of dishes that will be served. Your wedding cake can cost PHP4,500 to PHP15,000.

Videography and Photography

Photo and video teams can charge from PHP35,000 to PHP130,000. Prenuptial shoot, same-day edit, and aerial videos are common part of the package nowadays which can be more expensive.

Wedding Attire for the Couple and Entourage

Wedding gowns go for as low as PHP5,000 and as high as PHP150,000. For the groom, PHP2,500 to PHP20,000. It can cost you PHP8,000 up to PHP22,000 and more for several entourage members. Hair and makeup professionals can charge about PHP7,500 to PHP30,000.

Wedding Planner

They are professionals that can even help you find other wedding professionals that suit your budget. They know what they are doing, and you are paying them to get everything done well. Wedding planner fees are from PHP20,000 to PHP95,000.

Wedding Invites

Invitation costs from PHP5,000 up to PHP27,000 for unique papers and designs. You can build a wedding website and use it as your digital invite.

Wedding Rings

Wedding rings can cost PHP15,000 to PHP60,000 per pair.

Favors and Gifts

Favors and gifts are the tokens for your invitees, can cost you PHP7,500 to PHP75,000 in total.

Accommodation and Transportation

Hotel reservations and accommodations should be on your wedding budget list since you will need a place to prepare. Sometimes, you will also need to book rooms for your close relatives or entourage. Hotel rooms and services can cost PHP4,000 to PHP200,000.

In case you need to pick up and bring your special guests to the destination of the wedding, transportation in major cities in the Philippines is from PHP14,000 to PHP25,000.

Bridal cars in Manila and other major cities are rented for PHP3,000 to PHP68,000.

Another Chapter: The Honeymoon

The estimated sum for the honeymoon is PHP20,000 to PHP50,000 in Manila. These numbers will definitely increase if you want a getaway like an out-of-the-country type of thing.

Overall expenses are approximately PHP268,750 to PHP1,268,000 for 100 guests.