May 10,2018 15:03 PM

Generosity and helpfulness especially toward the needy or suffering is the definition of charity. There’s a saying, “You can never be too poor to give and never be too rich to receive.” One can give either their time, talent and treasure. Giving money is the best scenario for most people. Either you give to your favourite charity, church or finding your own poor. Giving a face to the poor you want to help. There are several reasons why people do charitable efforts. Here are some of positive effects:

1) Helping others – by donating you immediately help others who need it the most. For example giving to the victims of natural calamities and fires.

2) Feel Good- by helping others makes you feel better. A pat on the back that you’ve been able to help another.

3) Tax Shelter/ Deduction –there are several institutions approved by BIR for your tax deduction. It’s like two birds with one stone; you reduce your tax and helped a good cause in return.

4) Teach Generosity in your children – Lead by example, if your kids see you donating, they might do the same when they are older. Start them young, any amount will go a long way. They can sacrifice a part of their allowance to donate.

5) Involve your Friends and Family – Inform them of certain charitable institutions or group of people you have been helping. In return they may also give to the same group or find their own group to help.

6) Any amount goes a long way – You don’t need a corporate check to make a difference. Php100 clustered with another hundred will not only help more people but you are encouraging building church by having clusters.

7) Improve Money Management – if you decide to schedule to give every month to any charity, this can help you to be more attentive of your own finances. You will have a conscious effort on not spending too much that will cause you to renege on your donation.