How To Spend Your Holiday Money

2018-02-09 13:32:54.0

Ah! The Holidays -- that much needed break from the hustle and bustle of the committed life. While for the working adult it may be a time to trade the work blazer for the ugly Christmas sweater (but still feel cute anyways), for kids and teenagers, it's the time to get that much welcome aguinaldo or Christmas money from ninongs/ninangs. Whether earned through asking nicely (READ: by force) or through petty dance battles with much younger cousins, the crisp new bills are more than enough to send a fresh-faced youngster into a Christmas 'high’. Usually, this ends up with said youngster having a reckless purchase as soon as they get their hands on the money. Sure, there's nothing wrong with splurging a little especially if it's after a whole year of trying to deliver, be it at work or in school but then again, one can never get wrong with trying to get the most out of one’s money. Now that the holidays have ended with you (hopefully) still holding on to that money, you might want to check out ways on how to invest in yourself.

As buy & sell capital

While money can't buy happiness, it definitely lets you buy the time to spend looking for it. Use that money to make more money by finally starting your own small business. It doesn't even need to be a brick-and-mortar store. With more people joining various social media sites like Instagram, it's now easier to build an audience while minimizing your fixed costs. Head out to bazaars and see what's selling and hunt down their suppliers. (Pro tip: You can buy a lot with just Php1,000 at the Taytay Public Market). As long as you're willing to devote the time and effort on your business, it’s never too early to be an entrepreneur.

Take a tech course

In the current job market where applicants are cookie cutter personas with no special traits, it might be one technical skill that decides whether you'll land that dream job. Why not use your gift money to learn something that'll help you in your future career? Not only will it be a welcome addition in your CV, but these special skills offer possibilities to expand and grow in different directions. The best time to start learning a new skill is now when you’re young. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up creating the next-billion dollar software/app.

Take a language class

If the idea of watching your shows subtitles excite you, then it's finally time to pick up a new language. While it may come across as a particularly daunting task, knowing how to speak in another tongue is a skill that's useful in many aspects. Many companies that work with foreign accounts offer bonuses for officers that can speak a second language (usually Mandarin, Japanese or even Korean). Even if your goal is just to read The Little Prince in the original text, a new language is a way for you to grow as a person because it let's you meet and converse with people you wouldn't have had a chance of connecting with had you not learned their language. Head out to your local embassy or university offering extramural classes and you can finally say au revoir to subtitles.

Take a personal financial planning & money management class

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to never worry about money that much even if their allowance/salary isn’t that big? It’s because they’re experts at getting the most out of their finances. They bank on their knowledge of managing the money they have in order to survive financially. Luckily, this knowledge isn’t exclusive and you can learn the basics of financial planning by consulting with a financial advisor. Learning how to manage your own finances will always be a useful skill to get a headstart on your way towards financial freedom.

Take a public speaking courses

Warren Buffet, the best investor of our time, credits much of his success in life to the public speaking classes he took at Dale Carnegie, and it’s not a surprise. Whether at school or at work, a key skill that everyone should know is how to communicate effectively. It’s okay to feel conscious when you talk but that shouldn’t be an excuse why you can’t sell your ideas. Knowing how to market yourself well also comes in handy during job interviews and interacting within your social circle! Everyone likes a great conversationalist and it’s time for you to be one too!

Enroll in a writing class

Some people inspire epic stories, the others write them. Like speech, knowing how to use words in print to deliver your ideas is a skill that most people only dream of having because they don’t realize that it’s something that can be learned. If you feel like your thinking process could use a little clearing up -- you might want to sign up for a writing class. Writing forces you use words that are necessary and to look at things through new perspectives. Is creative writing not your thing? There are other kinds of writing classes that’ll help you get a better grasp on language (Example: English for the professions). From knowing how to write reports and formal letters, a writing class is a great way to invest on yourself.

Investments in securities

Got lucky last Christmas and received a pretty hefty sum? Or perhaps you’ve finally decided to use the income from tutoring younger kids? Consider investing them in mutual funds and stocks. For as low as P5000, you can open a stock trading account. Think it’s too early for you? Your road towards financial freedom may start with buying a book on investments and finance. Like straightforward businesses, investing in securities require you to do your due diligence and it’s always best to have ample knowledge whenever you plan on entering uncharted territory. Talk to people who have experience in investing and see if it might just be for you.

Some rewards are instant, while others can be stretched to benefit you in the long run. Living a life working for money is unsustainable. By investing in ourselves, we can make money work for us, not the other way around.