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Employee Benefits


If you are like the great majority of Filipino workers, you may think that the only components of the term employee benefits are these three:

  • Dental coverage
  • Disability insurance
  • Medical coverage

These three components are, as they say, the holy trinity of the workforce when it comes to insurance benefits. And to some people, that is enough. Nonetheless, there are many insurance companies that offer such benefits and more, including:

  • Group life benefits
  • Medical stop-loss
  • Voluntary benefits 

If you would to know the entire scope of the insurance company’s employee benefits, all you have to do is ask the agent or insurance company representative to lay out the entire framework for you. 

The main problem that many Filipino workers face is the lack of interest (both on the side of the employer and the employee) in acquiring such insurance coverage. For many of employers, this is additional paperwork to handle and a way of losing more revenue. On the other hand, many employees applying for these benefits run on the same thread of thought: it is additional paperwork, and a way to out portions out of our pay-check. This is a rather near-sighted point of view. 

After all, insurance (as the word itself implies) is a safeguard for the future. It comes across as a form of risk management:

  • In the event that something totally unforeseen happens (like accidents, sudden deaths in the line of duty, natural calamities.) Naturally, we would prefer that such occurrences never take place, but just in case… we do have something to hold on to in order to rebuild what we may possibly lose.

  • Plus, there are other additional remunerations that may be acquired from availing your employees or availing for yourself employee benefits like:emergency travel assistance, work-life services, etc.

We can aid you in determining the different benefits that your company may need. contact us today and let us discuss it to you thoroughly.