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Medical Insurance


Medical plans are one of the most important insurance coverage any person can acquire. We all know that at some point of our lives, we will end up getting miserably in need of medical attention, so why not prepare for it now?

A medical plan is only one component of a health insurance. In simplest terms:

  • A medical plan is an insurance coverage that should pay for our medical expenses should we need them – and this follows both personal and employee claim.

  • Medical plan actually falls under the category of health insurance

Health insurance, on one end, is a rather broad term that encompasses dental coverage, social insurance programs (when applicable) and of course, medical plans. Medical plans may also include (but not always, depending on the insurance coverage you have acquired) disability benefits and long-term nursing or custodial care. A few of us, tend to look at the acquisition of medical plans as something that only the government or the large companies can provide for. And it may be true on one or two points:

  • For one thing, the popularity of PhilHealth has got people thinking of government-sponsored medical benefits.

  • Secondly, it seems that only large companies are actually offering employee benefits to their work force. 

But this trend is discontinuing these days. We now know that this type of coverage can also be acquired by an individual for personal purposes.For individuals:

  • Medical plans may fall into the category (or sub-category) of life insurance.

On the other hand, small companies, even micro-entrepreneurs:

  • Can avail of medical plans for their limited number of employees anytime. And any business owner or entrepreneur can do this by simply asking an insurance agent or insurance company representative what medical plans can be tailor-fitted to their company’s needs.Part and parcel of employee benefits include the medical stop-loss insurance.

  • This is actually a coverage that protects employers from potentially disastrous or exaggerated medical claims that could literally wipe out company revenues. This coverage, however, is only available to employers who personally fund their employee heath care plans.

We can help you ensure the health security of you and your company, contact us today and we can talk about the plan that you need.