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Estate Plan


We all know how hard it is to establish ourselves, whether we are residing in the Philippines or even outside the country. In Manila alone, real estate prices are skyrocketing by almost 200% on an annual scale, while business revenues are not exactly catching up to yearly growth projections. Cost of living is on the rise, as well. Nonetheless, we continue to strive to put ourselves and our families into a better position in life.

We also know that at some point, though that all our hard work, all the creature comforts that we have accumulated over the years, all the entitlements and obligations we have faced while we were working, would end up in the hands of our next of kin. This is the reason why estate planning is an important component of any life insurance policy that we may acquire.

When we say estate, we are not limiting our perspective to the physical “estate” – or what we call: real estate, or real estate property or a large estate home. Estate, as defined by law means:

  • Anything that is legally attached to our name like home property titles, land property titles, car ownership titles, business assets, commercial assets and even liabilities like debts incurred or mortgages, etc.

  • In fact, the term estate may eve mean that silver cutlery collection you have been planning to leave to your eldest daughter, or that 200 year old antique narra table that you have inherited from your grand parents or that dividends of your share in stock brokerage.

Unfortunately, in Filipino culture, acquiring a life insurance is looked upon as something that is unfavorable. Although this is probably the smartest decision any person can make, we tend to look upon this as something of a death wish, so to speak. The good news is: many of us are overcoming this otherwise antiquated form of thinking and are establishing for ourselves (and for our loved ones) a better form of relief. Many of us are now looking into estate planning closely, and some are even acquiring comprehensive estate plans.

Now is the time for us to set aside your hard earned money and put it into an investment that is tangible for the use of your family. Contact us and we can discuss how you can make a smart buy into estate planning.