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Protection Plan for Family


People from anywhere in the world especially Filipinos are always thinking ahead, in every sense of the word. When we find a great paying job, we think of advancement or promotion all too soon. When we have a little saved money, we think of putting it in investing to buy a car sometime in the future. When we meet someone, right away we think of the house to which we will live in and just how many children we can fit in there. Whatever it is, it just seems to be all too natural that most of us acquire insurance policies that would suit our plans for our future

When we establish our families, our usual primary concern revolves around our children (or in some cases, our planned brood.) Naturally, we worry about their future more than we actually worry about ours. There are several insurance options available to parents and would-be parents in this department, but most of them concern educational pre-need plans. After all, our parental instincts to get our children into highly regarded schools and nationwide named universities have been affecting (or is that clouding) our decisions for generations.
However, it should be noted that although acquiring an educational pre-need plan for our children is a major source of personal triumph, our future as parents is tied very closely to our children’s future. If we do not make provisions about our future, no one will. Certainly, our children cannot cope well without our support at their youngest age. Acquiring life insurance, for example, is a great way to protect both our families and our business endeavors.
Most of us acquire life insurance only when we are past our prime years. It is actually more practical and affordable to acquire a life insurance when we are at the peak of our working career. Here are several reasons why:

  • A life insurance policy can help your family have the same quality of life , even if the breadwinner is already not around.
  • It will provide the option for your kids to achieve their dreams because the money for the education is already ready from the start. 
  • While one is young, the premium is lower since risks for health related problems are lower compared to those in their fifties.

Investing in mutual finds are also ways to make sure that all your hard earned money will continue to work for your family when you have gone.

Let us start discussing the first step in the safekeeping of your future and that of your family, contact us now and we will help you secure your family’s needs.